Sunday, January 14, 2007

nothing to say?

Do you know situations where you have nothing to say? where you feel totally under pressure to say something and cannot say anything? This are well the hardest moments in daily life where I can think of. It is interesting that just in the moment when we need most to talk, our ability to talk vanishes. It must be that man is made for social affairs and not so much for struggles against each other. still I weekly have to confront situation that are the same as described above. life is curious...

Friday, November 24, 2006

on being negative

people often accuse of me that I am thinking negative. The tell me I am a like a frustrated old man. Well that´s not true, i am just trying to think a little bit philosophic. People surfing internet are searching fun and entertainment, so I am always after a short period of online conversation left beside due to my seriuos posts. but then I start a new conversation with someone new and hope this time it will get different. but normally that´s not the case. also people can seldom laugh on my jokes. But for me being negative is a way of living. I don´t like the modern world´s buisness with all it´s rush , hectic and money hornieness, so I have to create a space of my own, and that is only possible through an aggressive language, I don´t know why , but it seems to be like that. well maybe I should cancel internet from my hobbys! It´s sometimes so discouraging to have all this bad responses! ok, thanks Arash

Saturday, June 10, 2006


hope to soon post something on philosohpy arash